Why PR?

For a fraction of the cost of advertising, a carefully planned and well executed strategic public relations campaign can bolster your company's profile and image through high-impact "earned media.” This third party "stamp of approval" from the press lends your firm an air of credibility that advertising dollars (“paid media”) cannot buy.

Press coverage builds awareness for your product or service, develops leads and boosts sales. Return-on-investment is high: The Wall Street Journal reported that 52 chief executive officers surveyed gave public relations a 235% R-O-I rating.

Some points to weigh when considering the launch of a public relations campaign:

1 A modest public relations budget can sustain an ongoing program and extend your "reach."
Dollar for dollar, nothing has a stronger influence on prospective customers than publicity. And because the cost of a public relations campaign is far lower than that of an advertising schedule, the PR effort can be a continuing, proactive initiative. The relative economy of a public relations program makes it a sensible addition to, or in some cases a substitute for, paid advertising, and can extend your company's "reach" by garnering publicity in more media outlets than you would include in a paid advertising campaign.

2 Media publicity not only attracts new customers, but it plays an important role in maintaining current clients as well.
Publicity reinforces to your clients that they are doing business with a "player" in the industry. Media coverage helps create and strengthen positive perceptions, a key to customer retention.

3There is more to public relations than placement of "traditional" news stories.
Speaking engagements and panel participation for company executives at important industry trade shows and seminars can boost your company's image and reputation. Placement of by-lined guest columns in publications read by your customers, and positioning company executives as "expert" sources called upon by reporters for comments, are other tactics that boost your company’s prestige.

4Publicity helps build employee morale and self-esteem.
Publicity can raise employee morale and self-esteem by reminding them that they are working for a company that is highly respected in the industry. Publicity also makes your company more attractive to potential employees, making it easier for you to lure top-quality talent.

Braff Communications LLC offers free consultation to realistically assess public relations opportunities for your company. This no-obligation assessment includes the provision of a public relations program customized for your firm, along with proposed costs for the program's execution.